The Masons’ Board examines persons who apply to obtain the Masons’ License.

 The Board carries out the required marking of the practical exam once the persons sitting for the exams exit the hall.

 The Board also compiles the exam paper with 25 questions for the theoretical part of the exam. The Board corrects the exam papers after the exam.

 If the Board is satisfied with both the Practical and Theoretical part of the exams, the successful candidates are granted the Masons’ License.

Board Members:

Perit. Godwin Agius                 Chairperson       
Perit. Karl Cutajar                      Member
Arch Guido J. Vella                    Member
Mr Christian Abela                    Member                   
Mr Saviour Camilleri                 Member                         
Mr Stephen Marston                Member 
Dr Colin Deguara                      Member
Mr Manuel Pisani                      Member
Mr Raymond Tabone               Member
Mr Owen Grech                         Member
Mr Victor Camilleri                   Member
Ms Tereza Xuereb                     Secretary